[Announcement] Data Science as A Service

Save time and skip the learning curve by leveraging our seasoned team of Data Scientists.

Is your data drowning you - or is it being ignored?

Companies are sitting on a tremendous amount of valuable data from many different sources, but are intimidated by the prospect of turning that data into actionable insights or innovative data-driven products.

announcing a new offering: Data Science as a Service

Our team of senior data scientists will work with you to:

  1. Understand the data you have
  2. Assess current and future business needs
  3. Begin creating a prototype pipeline of internal and external analytics products and data models that address those needs

The possibilities are endless: From marketing and sales data, to internal or external application user data, to social data, or any combination of those.

How It Works

Understanding the data you have requires only a few samples of all the different sources of data you currently store. Our team will examine each of the fields, detailing how we might merge or enhance each of those with additional data.

The team will work with you to assess your current business needs, and discover where new data models and products could help fill gaps in efficiency or even to create completely new revenue streams.

The Outcome

Our data scientists will use the latest scalable data science approaches to rapidly prototype analytics deliverables based on your data, which can take the form of reports and visualizations for customers or internal web applications that can empower your internal teams to work faster and create value for you and your customers.

The end result is clear and actionable insights that can drive value for your business starting immediately.  

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