Better Quality Recruiting at Scale: Kasasa Case Study

How do you fill 25 open positions in the time it takes to fill 3? And with quality candidates, no less. Victory's Karma Program worked with Kasasa to find the right skills and reduce stress and friction around the recruiting process.

In this Article:

  • Victory is rolling out their Recruitment Program, termed Karma, a scalable solution that is able to expedite the hiring processes for client companies by combining years of technical expertise with A.I. capabilities.
  • The Karma Program was initially developed as an internal tool for Victory, then showed enough promise to test in the market after requests from partners. Kasasa, a Fintech Company HQ'd in Austin, Texas, connected with Victory in a proof of value concept to solve their recruiting needs.

Client: Kasasa

Case Overview: What is the main problem with recruiting? Efficiency and scale.

HR managers have struggled staff their firms fast enough, while also connecting with meaningful work. The recruiting process is multi-faceted, built upon communication, and oftentimes can be tedious.

Which is to say that it is a wholly human process and is full of human error. As a result, there are inefficiencies and missed opportunities, like missed emails, crossed wires, or absent offers.

It is also an expensive process in terms of both time and resources. For this reason, many firms have now begun to outsource their HR practices to avoid the headache.

Enter Kasasa.

Kasasa needed to fill 3 open positions within 60 days and had no internal recruiter to oversee the process. They then turned to Victory for an expert solution. Victory’s Karma program developed and tailored their existing in-house process to meet Kasasa’s needs in order to best fit the goal.

The result? They were able to fill not 3, but 25 open positions at the firm, all within that 60-day window.



In its internal stages, and in its deployment with Kasasa, the Victory Karma program was a fully manual process. This is important to note because we were able to successfully fill the firm’s ask using only the Karma process (8x, no less!). However, we’ve improved it even more: it now uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automates the “recruiter” role even further.

It is more efficient, effective, and scalable than its human counterparts, and is able to work through approximately 250,000 applicant profiles in 60 seconds.

But this quantity does not mean a sacrifice in quality. The platform is able to expertly identify the skills that a firm is seeking in candidates, and then send the best-match profiles to recruiters.

This is a platform that considers both the needs of applicants and the needs of recruiters during the hiring process. The skill identification capability of Karma allows for managers to be more focused on the applicants that are sent through and more generous with their time. This, in turn, creates a significantly more positive experience.

It is a platform, that despite incorporating AI, is surprisingly considerate of the human aspects of the hiring process--without sacrificing efficiency.

And that’s why we named it Karma - because we believe that what goes around, comes around - and everyone should be treated with the respect they deserve.

Vennesa Van Ameyde, COO at Kasasa:

“It was an unexpected breath of fresh air during a usually stressful process. They were able to more succinctly identify the skills we needed and able to connect us with good people.”

Description of Victory's Karma Program: Victory is about finding solutions to complex and unique problems. One of the biggest problem for many companies is the search for technical resources. That’s where the Karma program comes in.

By applying years of technical expertise, scalable technology, and a proprietary process, we make the experience of acquiring and placing technical resources faster and better for both our clients and the people doing the work.

Victory itself offers strategic consulting, and Karma connects the people to get the work done.

Sometimes a client has a the strategy and plan, and just needs more hands to do the work. We can help with both.

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