Interview with Angela Arnold, CMO of Victory: Going Ahead with Gage

Victory Chief Marketing Officer Angela Arnold is interviewed by Gage Grammer of Going.Ahead. with Gage on marketing, leadership, and creative thinking.

Marketing blog Going.Ahead. with Gage interviews Victory CMO Angela Arnold about her approach to leadership, creative thinking, and her favorite marketers.

Here's an exerpt:

What are some of the biggest challenges you see in Marketing today?

Marketing has become so broad that it’s starting to suffer from its own weight. Most job descriptions for marketing leadership positions ask too much from one person.

The Harvard Business Review article “The Trouble with CMOs” explains it much better than I can, but expecting marketing to do an increasingly varied amount of work can easily set a person or department up for failure.We also assume that the newest and latest also means it’s the greatest. After all, we’re marketers! We love flash! Older marketers have confessed to me that they’re worried about their skills being relevant in today’s age – this is only true on a tactician level.

A marketer’s job is to serve your market, and at the end of the day, people are people, no matter what channels they’re using. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it will really resonate with someone. Behind each impression or site session is a real person.


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