The Corporate Overlords' Battle is Your Gain

Pete Carapeytan, a software engineer for Victory, describes in this article how App Developers are able to leverage the competition between Google and Facebook tech stacks in order to produce more stable apps, more efficiently.

“Chaos is a ladder.” For those of you who are Game of Thrones fans, you know what Peter Baelish meant when he said this, and how true it is.

If your “opponents” are pitted against each other, there is a lot that slips away from them. They are all too consumed by their respective attempts to best the other(s) that they fail to observe how their surroundings may be changing. Bystanders can leverage this fact to their benefit.

For App Developers, the race between Google Polymer and Facebook React tech stacks allows an excellent opportunity to improve their own app longevity in a way that is less risky and more effective.

Read more about how this battle is for your gain in this article by Pete Carapetyan, a software engineer in Austin, TX.