Community Ops

Social Media * Customer Care * Marketing

A New Approach: Community Ops

CommunityOps is a new way to structure and approach a company’s customer service, marketing, and social media/channel strategy.

Customer relationships, not acquisition, is what matters for long-term success. A company must establish and build trust via great customer service and community.

Once trust and process has been established, a company and brand can withstand crises and quickly adapt to the ever-changing market.


Becoming a market leader can’t happen using the same strategy and tactics that worked in the past. Getting in front of the competition and standing out in the market requires a different approach.

A transformation of internal process and company mindset is the foundation to unlocking a new level of success for your business.

Business Transformation
  • Process transformation, cost control, and scalability between marketing and customer care.
  • Assess and evaluate where social media fits in your business landscape
    • Marketing budget and proportion of effort and investment
    • Re-engaging your past customers and maintaining relationships with your current customers
  • Tool evaluation and implementation
    • A poor investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars can slow your team and process to a grinding halt
    • Clear recommendations for tool selection based on your unique business needs

An external or internal PR or product failure, crisis, or issue severely damages a company. Companies are losing a collective $75 billion in lost revenue from customers who switch to a competitor after a bad customer experience.

Prepare your people and process to handle any situation - from the everyday to the once-in-a-lifetime crisis.

Crisis Preparedness and Process
  • Crisis management plan - preparedness for when the worst hits
    • Determine roles and responsibilities, order of operations, set up listening to discover issues, and establish Standard Operating Procedures
  • Audits and workshops - an outside perspective + cross-team preparedness
    • Evaluation of current process and weak points or threats
    • On-site lunch-and-learns or day-long trainings with social, customer care, and marketing teams
  • On-call emergency services
    • Every minute counts. An outside expert can stop the ‘who’s on first’ chaos that erupts during a crisis event. Victory will immediately arrive on-site to triage, prioritize, and steer activities.