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Victory DevOps

Evolve and transform how your organization meets the needs of your market and delivers applications.

DevOps offers a different approach, so you should approach it differently, too. Victory does not see DevOps as a technical problem - it is a drive to deliver the right outcome for your unique business and provide you with an edge in your market.

Transformation Across Teams Companies like yours have a large number of stakeholders in a DevOps transformation, including functions often not considered such as Marketing, Product Management, and the Project Management Office (PMO).

If these stakeholders do not understand the outcomes of the transformation, then the associated pain becomes difficult to support. We enable your transformation across all teams, not just IT and Engineering.

Metal-to-Cloud Migration Moving to the cloud? Mirroring or replicating the existing metal or server environment on the cloud is not the optimal approach. Successful migration requires a focused application that utilizes the cloud’s unique strengths and offerings. We have guided companies through this migration with zero disruption to their business, from companies with one product to organizations with global scale and millions of concurrent users.

Complexity Simplified It is your architecture, not ours. We will help you solve the hard problems, set you up for success, and get out of the way. We won’t push every button for you. Unlike other consulting agencies, you will not be required to use proprietary or self-branded cloud platforms that pass extra cost and overhead on to you. Just like a good DevOps implementation and architecture, it should be a relatively simple and painless process that just works.

DevOp Services & Training Solutions

We don’t just talk the talk - we walk the walk. We are deeply embedded and involved in the DevOps community. Why? It goes beyond us. We believe that DevOps is more than just the immediate team or a broader team within an organization. The DevOps community helps solve problems, finds the right people for the job, and supports the best work and newest thinking.

We’re not the only experts - expertise comes as the result of working together with a community to push everyone forward.

DevOps Community Engagement & Involvement
  • Stay up-to-date on the cutting edge
  • Access the best-of-the best thought leaders and practitioners
  • Top talent trusts us with deep and valued relationships
  • Insights into trends and new developments

Victory's DevOps for Business Stakeholders training provides an understanding of the DevOps practice in the context of the stakeholder and the company they are part of.

The outcomes are a comprehensive understanding of DevOps culture and practices, a better knowledge of the tools, and how to make the team overall more successful.

If you'd like to train your business stakeholders to look for those bottlenecks, understand the system of software production and work to improve the delight of your customers, customized training may be for you.

DevOps for Project Managers - Training Course
  • 4 training sessions of 2 hours each over a 4-week period
  • Foundational and practical applications
  • Provide your staff with improved context and understanding of DevOps culture and practices
  • Allow your Project Management staff to better facilitate communication between stakeholders in DevOps and cloud native environments