Podcast with John Cunningham, CTO of Victory: Dave Albert’s CTO & Co-Founder Talk

From clients being taken advantage of, to mass team walkouts, to frantic phone calls in the middle of the night, to AWS accounts being held hostage – hear some of the war stories CTO and successful Founder John Cunningham has experienced in his 25+ year career.

He also discusses the true role of a CTO and what makes the job great and the next big thing that will drastically change the tech landscape going forward.

News & Insights

The Growing Role of Automation in Web Development

The world of web development has undergone significant changes in recent years, with new technologies and tools constantly emerging to help streamline the development process. One of the most significant developments in this area is the growing role of automation.

The Threat of Indirect Prompt-Injection Attacks on Generative AI Systems

Generative AI systems are being used in diverse fields, but they are vulnerable to indirect prompt-injection attacks. These attacks can manipulate the inputs and outputs of these systems, leading to harmful consequences. Therefore, the security of generative AI systems needs to be reinforced to prevent such attacks.